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At Centurion Data Services, our aim is to lead the way through IT development in Guyana. Our primary focus is on developing robust, dependable IT systems that enable businesses to expand at any pace they demand. With a strong focus on defensive IT strategies, we intend to protect our clients’ network infrastructure so no investment becomes a liability.

About Us.

With the rapid evolution of IT Services in Guyana, the need for professional and efficient deployment of resources is growing. Centurion Data Services was established to assist in satisfying that need. Businesses today are growing more and more conscious of the need for a dependable IT infrastructure on which to develop their business systems. They are however finding it increasingly challenging to have their systems engineered, deployed and supported at sustainable costs. That’s where we come in

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62 Sandy Babb Street, Kitty
Georgetown, Guyana.

5th Avenue, Fort Bonifacio
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